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The Five Whys of Web Font Loading Performance—zachleat.com


Originally presented at Performance.now(), The Web Performance Conference on November 8th, 2018 in Amsterdam, Netherlands ??.

This was a completely revamped version of my Web Font Loading talk with a brand new theme and new examples. I took the audience through a case study improving the web font loading of the default theme you get when you create a new blog on wordpress.com. It originally loaded five different font files from Google Fonts.

The presentation iterated through a variety of different font loading tools and showed how they affected the performance of the site using real data and results from webpagetest.org.

Some of the tests and approaches demoed here are not yet documented on A Comprehensive Guide to Font Loading Strategies nor are they available on web-font-loading-recipes (but soon).


The video is hosted on YouTube.


The slides are hosted on Notist.


performance.now(); the Web Performance Conference
Happy Birthday Eleventy! ?—zachleat.com


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