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500px Blog » Ambassador Spotlight: Meet Dariane, Ryan, Iza, Taya, and Renat-Renee


For the final part of our Ambassador Spotlight series, we’ll get to know Dariane Sanche, Ryan Longnecker, Iza Lyson, Taya Iv and Renat Renee-Ell

Why did you become a photographer?:
“I became a photographer because I like creating scenery and theatrical productions. I understood that there are no rules in photography! You can do what you want and let go of your mind and your imagination. For me, the art of photography is a passion and a full-time job that is very liberating.”

How has photography changed your life?:
“Photography has completely changed my life. In fact, photography has always been part of my life because when I was a kid, my father used to be a graphic designer and photographer! So I quickly learned to handle cameras and post-production software like photoshop. I have been doing fashion photography since I was 17 years old. I am now 27 years old. This year marks 10 years of a career in photography. I’m really happy that photography has been my full-time job for several years.”

Why do you use 500px?
“I like to use 500px, because it’s a great platform to share my new creations and interact with people passionate about the art of photography. I also like how the platform brings together all amateur and professional photographers. It allows you to make a beautiful artistic discovery, learn new techniques, open up your horizons, and get inspiration.”

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Why did you become a photographer?:
“At first, it was a hobby that had a potential upside of getting a few dollars here and there to get better gear. When I’ve reflected a bit more on this, I realize growing up in the Eastern Sierras actually marinated me in beauty and appreciation of the Earth that for a long time turned into a passion for music – but picking up a camera was when I felt the ability to share what encouraged and shaped me. I think it was equal parts enjoyable to learn the equipment, therapeutic to learn the editing, and rewarding to share even when I was only doing it for a hobby.”

How has photography changed your life?:
“Photography has reminded me that not only is there WAY more beauty than passing glances makes room for, but also that treating it as a creative process has informed the way that I imagine beauty. It has been a way of developing hope in a world where pessimism seems so easy. It has forced me to look at the beauty that other people miss.”

Why do you use 500px?
“I love the high-resolution way of enjoying images that seems to be sacrificed on every other platform. I remember early on when I’d browse 500px I’d see people who I’d never heard of ending up on the Popular page that felt organic (rather than tied up by algorithm confusion). Now being an ambassador it’s been encouraging to see the community engagement that 500px is intentionally building.”

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Why did you become a photographer?:
“I started my adventure with photography by taking pictures of my dogs. Ten years ago when Luna, my golden retriever puppy, came to my house I was taking a lot of photos of her because I wanted to have my reminder of her childhood. Puppies grow way too fast! However, after some time passed, I started to wonder how to make my photos something more than just ordinary snaps burdened with sentimental value. I wanted to add an artistic element.”

How has photography changed your life?:
“Thanks to photography, I learned to perceive beauty not only in the most outstanding photography spots in the world but also in common, everyday things like a nice ray of light or an unusual combination of colors. I also met a lot of amazing people, mostly my models. A lot of them have become my friends for many years.”

Why do you use 500px?
“Here I can find a lot of inspiration—for interesting photos but also for outstanding places to photoshoot.”

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Why did you become a photographer?:
“I believe that being able to freeze moments in time is a superpower. That is one of the many reasons I do what I do.”

How has photography changed your life?:
“Photography has made me more open-minded, curious, and empathetic. I understand people better and ask more questions because of it. I also find that it helps me connect with people of all backgrounds, which is a huge plus because I enjoy socializing.”

Why do you use 500px?
“500px is my favorite photography community because of its enthusiastic team members and respectful users. It’s refreshing to be part of a community that’s filled with so many different photographers who all have a chance to be discovered and supported.”

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Why did you become a photographer?:
“I found a way to self-realization.”

How has photography changed your life?:
“Creativity gave me a balance inside.”

Why do you use 500px?
“500px gives me an opportunity to show my work to a wide and diverse audience.”

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